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Current Volunteer Opportunities!
Calling all lovers of wildlife
Redmond Wild is looking for more volunteers! A co-leader opportunity is available at this time, as well. If you are interested in joining the team in any way, please contact us. No previous experience necessary!

 About Redmond Wild

Redmond Wild is a local volunteer group that works to make protecting wildlife and habitat a priority in our community. The team is made up of people with different backgrounds and interests, all who are passionate about wildlife conservation. Our goal is to mobilize Redmond’s community toward preserving and creating low maintenance wildlife habitat outside our homes, businesses, schools, and other community areas. By making wildlife friendly spaces, we can create corridors of habitat for wildlife to travel through and access resources in, even in our urban area. Redmond Wild meets every 3rd Monday of the month, although the date may change if there are scheduling conflicts. Meeting locations also vary, but are always conveniently located in downtown Redmond, so be sure to check the calendar for details. Please contact us if you'd like to attend!                 

Our Work

Part of Redmond Wild's work is implementing the National Wildlife Federation’s (NWF) Certified Wildlife Habitat program. We encourage people to make their spaces wildlife friendly by providing 5 essentials: food, water, cover, places to raise young, and the use of sustainable practices. People can certify homes, schools, businesses, parks, and other common areas as a Certified Wildlife Habitat by the NWF and its partners, the NW Zoo & Aquarium Alliance, and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Redmond Wild does outreach at community events, gives informational presentations, holds workshops, and helps connect people to nature. We also work with K-12 schools on creating Schoolyard Habitats, which can serve as outdoor classrooms for better student engagement in all subjects. Overall, we work to raise awareness about habitat loss and to connect the community to the resources needed to increase the amount of suitable wildlife habitat.  Redmond Wild is working to certify the entire city of Redmond as a Community Wildlife Habitat. A community earns a Community Wildlife Habitat certification once it has enough spaces certified and its habitat team has completed enough environmental improvement projects, including outreach and habitat restoration work. The Community Wildlife Habitat is a point based program determined by population size; Redmond needs to earn 500 points to be certified, and we're part way there!

Why should Redmond be certified?

Redmond Wild recognizes that Redmond is a great city of opportunity with urban conveniences, outdoor recreation, and a strong community. For the sake of both residents and wildlife, we don't want Redmond to lose any more natural spaces than it already has. We partner with Sustainable Redmond and work with Green Redmond Partnership on pushing Redmond toward environmental improvement. With Sustainable Redmond emphasizing sustainable living, Green Redmond Partnership working to conserve urban forests, and Redmond Wild  helping to put habitat protection into the residents' hands, Redmond has the potential to be successful as an environmentally conscious city. When Redmond is officially certified as a Community Wildlife Habitat, the community will take pride in being a green city, and will strive even more to uphold its standards and reputation. 

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  Outreach at Redmond's Eco-Fair, Derby Days 2011


The National Wildlife Federation's mascot, Ranger Rick, thanked  volunteers at the City of Redmond's 2012 Arbor Day
planting event at Farrel-McWhirter Park! 


Click on this photo to see the loss, degradation, and disconnection of wildlife habitat in downtown Redmond.