There are very many hair styles in fashion today and they have been embraced by all genders. Men have now more than ever opened their doors when it comes to fashion thus the need to know how to take care of male hair.

Conditioner does as its name suggests: Rather than cleansing strands, it conditions the hair follicle—and the effects are immediate. But why? Men’s Health puts it succinctly: “Each hair is covered in tiny cells which look a bit like fish scales. Damage causes these to stand out which makes the hair look dull, rough and out of condition. Conditioners work by smoothing down these scales so your hair looks smooth and shiny again.”

The upshot of smoother strands is less static and fewer split ends—so hair is easier to style. But it’s not just about looks. Whereas shampoo opens the hair’s cuticle, conditioner seals it back up—locking nutrients in and pollutants out. This in turn strengthens the hair shaft, preventing breakage, split ends, and even hair loss.

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There are different types of shampoos for men. There are shampoos for normal hair, oily hair and ry hair. They should select what matches their scalp needs.

  • Shampoos for normal hair won’t strip natural oils from the hair and scalp as they are typically gentle. This type of shampoo works well for about nine out of every ten guys.

Shampoos for oily hair contain cleansers designed to remove as much oil as possible. These are good for men with oily scalps, but may cause excessive dryness in men with a normal scalp.

  • Shampoos for dry hair (often called moisturizing shampoos) are specifically formulated to add moisture to the hair and scalp. Unless you have very dry hair, these types of shampoos are not necessary and can often weigh down normal hair.

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Men should also know how to properly wash their hair. This includes how many times they should be shampooing and what too much washing of hair does to the scalp.

Kalat: Everyone has different hair types, but generally the more you wash your hair, the more your scalp produces sebum. Sebum is an oil secreted from the sebaceous glands to protect and waterproof your hair and your skin. If you shampoo too much, you can dry out your hair and scalp and your glands will go into overdrive to protect you. It can be a vicious cycle, especially for guys shampooing every day or more. Lots of guys think they are dirty if they don’t shampoo, but if they just ‘slow their roll’ the scalp will balance itself out.

Kalat: Twice a week is great. After about a month, your scalp will adjust and not produce as much oil. If you’re someone who works out every day, washing twice a week might sound like a bad idea. Similarly, if you have thinner hair, oil can make it look even thinner. But instead of shampooing each time you shower, I tell a lot of my customers to rinse their hair thoroughly with warm water and massage in a light conditioner to break up oil and sweat.

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